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LAN Party (aka You Got Pwned)

Posted by leighb on September 4, 2008

Lan Party-You Got Pwned!

Lan Party-You Got Pwned!

The party genre of movies has brought us many titles. National Lampoons produced a ton of wacky movies. Who can also forget titles like Beach Party, Psycho Beach Party, House Party and of course House Party 2. The genre has been left flaccid and limp since it`s heyday in the late 70`s/early 80`s. But don`t fret all you lovers of hilarity and frat-boy hi-jinks! Hollywood plans to revive the genre while cashing in on the much neglected ,yet lucrative, nerd market with LAN Party.

LAN Party  goes where previous party movies never ventured: Cyberspace.

Sick of going to parties without girls, two high-school pals, Zach Klowinsky and Rob Richardson (aka Psyklow_ZX and RichSlayr_91) decide to spice up their circle’s monthly LAN Party. The boys invest heavily into alcohol and Facebook invitations to attract a more “popular crowd” to their parties, only to realize that all the alcohol and networking site applications in the world won’t change the fact that they and their friends are still a group of slightly overweight, pasty dudes who play on-line games on weekends. Not until they discover that one of the most popular girls in school, Brooke Westfield, by night offers her “services” on an adult-oriented webcam page, does their luck turn. After hefty amounts of promised cash, all she can drink and eventual blackmail, Zach and Rob manage to recruit the services of Brook at their next LAN party. An unlikely mix somewhat predictably flourishes into a tearful heart-warming relationship between Brook and the boys. The parties become more and more debauched and soon enough the on-line pwnage gives way to live music, drugs and dancing girls. The in crowd and girls they yearned for flock to their maniacal meetings. Somewhere along the way though have Zach and Rob sold out, abandoned their on-line buddies and become the jocks who tormented them all their lives? Will Brook ditch the boys on the eve of their biggest party yet for the prom? The frags, fun, madness and megabytes flow on LAN Party!


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