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Fudge n Beans

Posted by leighb on September 14, 2008

When Ray Fudge, a Miami detective, turned 57, he was looking forward to winding down his time on the force. Only one more year until he could get that cushy desk job for the last few years of his career. Ray thought his life was finally going to get easier. That was until detective Trey Beans walked into the precinct.

Trey Beans: The maverick thirty-something, recently transferred detective from Wisconsin, had a reputation. He wasn’t afraid to do 60 in a 40 mph zone if it meant getting the job done. Nor did he have a problem with his record of hospitalizing of two previous partners ( perforated liver and one nervous breakdown), or his infamous stabbing of an aggravated robbery suspect with his badge in the ear. Yes sir, Trey Beans did what it takes to get the bad guys behind bars and it was these kinds of results an ever desperate Miami Police department were looking for. How ever risky it seemed.


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Posted by leighb on September 14, 2008

Biblical Babes Gone Bad


This is a contribution from pontifiction

When things go awry in Babylon, Lilith, a young hot storm demon, decides to take matters into her own hands. Born in the bad lands of biblical Mesopotamia, this is one lady you don’t want to mess with. She’ll rip you up and sh*t you out. When she’s not spreading disease and carnage, she’s caring a grudge that will fly you away from this realm to the underworld. This action packed saga will literally keep you pealed to your pew. Don’t forget to make a donation because Biblical Babes Gone Bad is coming soon to a cathedral near you.

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Revenge of the Mack: The Mark Morrison Story

Posted by leighb on September 11, 2008

In 1996 Mark Morrison topped the charts in the UK and Europe with the single Return of the Mack. Morrison quickly became the UK’s most successful urban RnB artist. In 1997 Mark followed up his debut-album with a nine track EP featuring his follow-up single Who is the Mack?  Some might say that in 1997 the self-proclaimed “Mack’s” career nosedived somewhat. Fortunately, Morrison hired a camera crew to follow him throughout that fateful year.

In his performances, Mark often pleaded his innocence  to crimes he was convicted of in the early 90’s. A life of crime undoubtedly raises the street cred. Tupac was charged with sexual assault. The Notorious B.I.G was arrested for drugs and weapons. In 1997, Mark Morrisson tried to bring a stun gun onto an aircraft.

Join Mark and his enterauge on his journey to become the baddest British rapper of all time. Enjoy his highs as he draws a gun on stage at the 1997 Brit awards. Feel the depths of the lows as Mark is once again arrested for paying someone else to do his community service while he holidayed in Barbados.

Mark always professed. “Only god can judge me!” Now with the release of his story Revenge of The Mack, you too can judge him.

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Flashdance 3. Keep on Dancing

Posted by leighb on September 8, 2008

Over two decades later, this idea comes in from “Al”, a huge fan of the original Flashdance film. Details on the plot merely consist of; “Contains a ****load of dancing.”

Norwegian pop gods A-Ha are earmarked for a triumphant comeback. Penning and performing the entire soundtrack


A-ha. It couldn't happpen without mullets and a denim-clad ass in your face!

A-ha. It couldn't happen without mullets and a denim clad ass in your face!

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Grand Opening

Posted by leighb on September 4, 2008

Hopefully the first of many posts to come on this site. However, things aren`t off to the greatest of starts with my deleting of the comments I`ve received so far. One comment contained two excellent movie concepts. So, IheartJapan, if you are reading, please feel free to contribute your wonderous grape-themed ideas.

More soon…..

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